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On September 11th suppliers and users will meet at the ultimate networking event in the world of (bio)pharmaceutical manufacturing, biotechnology and bioprocessing. The Single Use Event will mainly focus on the technological and product developments in these three areas: Continuous Bioprocessing, Cell Culture Systems & Microbial Systems.

The visitors come to the event to orientate themselves on new products, to network and to attend the speakers program. Among the visitors are (bio)process technologists, (bio)pharmaceutical scientists, (bio)chemists, life scientists, biotechnologists, engineers and process managers.
The power of the Single Use Event 2018 is the combination of table-top presentations with high-quality products, and several high-profile speakers, both from the academic world as well as the industry, who will tell you about the latest developments in single use. Topics include USP, DSP, analytics in bioprocessing, data management, validation, service, QbD, Flexible / Multi-product facilities.

The meeting will be concluded with a networking event, including drinks and snacks.


Target audience: Professionals in (bio)processing and laboratories

Location: High Tech Campus, Eindhoven (Benelux and Aachen region)


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